Press Release - SRP Introduces Renewable Energy SRP Solar Air Collector by Lubi®

Lubi Walls

Stoney Creek, ON January 9, 2019: Superior Radiant Products, the industry leader in the design and manufacture of award-winning infrared heating solutions, is excited to present SRP Solar Air Collector by Lubi® at AHR 2019. 

The solar air system harvests the power of the sun to heat building’s ventilation air, minimizing energy consumption, heating costs and CO2 emissions. Kevin Merritt commented “We have a reputation for innovation and moving forward with the most environmentally sensitive products we can bring to the marketplace. LEED® v4 and government incentive programs reward climate change mitigation strategies This latest technology brings a renewable energy source to the SRP product line.” 


Superior Radiant Products has been designing and manufacturing infrared heating equipment for the North American and international markets since 1995 at its facilities in Stoney Creek Ontario, Fortville Indiana and Qingdao China. SRP is known as a global company at the forefront of infrared technology and design.