SRP Group Update COVID-19

The HVAC industry has been designated as essential in both Canada and the USA therefore Superior Radiant Products group of companies are committed to maintaining our position in the supply chain. 


We are here to serve and to help you in any way possible whether it involves products, services, assistance with sourcing or simply to share some of the things we are doing to get through this unprecedented situation.  


We have secured our supply chains worldwide and use best practices for inventory risk management. This is one reason we can continue to produce. The second and most important reason we can continue to produce is the highly dedicated group of employees we have.  

We are updating our health and safety measures constantly as new recommendations and ideas surface so that we are sure our employees have the safest possible working environment. We have enabled our entire sales team and many of our office and tech people to work from home. In the office and factory we have in place strict hygiene instructions, masks and hand sanitizer in all work areas, no visitor policy, drop zones for deliveries, lunch and break areas dispersed, no physical meetings more than 2 people, 6ft minimum distancing, signs and reminders etc.  

We are working with our reps and distribution chain to ensure that the downstream customers are being taken care of in the best and safest possible way. 


This is a time that will test us all in our ability to cope with an unimaginable situation. The SRP group is here to help our customers and our supply chain in any way we can. 

If you need anything, please contact us: 


SRP Group: 

Superior Radiant Products Ltd (Canada/Mexico/UK 1 800 527 4328

Superior Radiant Products Inc (USA) 1 800 527 4328

IR Energy Inc (USA/Canada/Mexico 1 855 295 3922



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Kevin Merritt 
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