Working at SRP Group


Imagine being a key member of a team dedicated to manufacturing the most advanced, Canadian Made, infrared heaters in the world. SRP Group ships all over the world, from the most luxurious resorts and patios in Las Vegas and California to aircraft hangars and distribution centers for major airlines, sports facilities, and best-in-class warehouse and logistic companies. Come work at the best-kept secret in Stoney Creek, a clean and safe workplace, easy to access, and a purpose to be proud to tell friends and family. Please come help us Save Energy For Future Generations!




The SRP Group operates under 4 Core Values: Respect, Performance, Innovation, and Quality.  We are prepared to offer a competitive wage, opportunities for advancement, ample parking and easy bus access, a retirement savings program, and competitive benefits. 


Job Opportunities

We don't have any job vacancies at the moment