MODULUS® Adaptive Modulating Infrared Tube Heater - Series AM

Introducing the newest modulating infrared tube heater that truly adapts to the environment, providing optimal thermal comfort. The patent-pending Series AM combines the benefits of a fully modulating infrared heater with SRP’s 100% efficient reflector for maximum efficiency resulting in the best modulating heater on the market today.


  • Fully modulates gas and air
  • Models rates 80, 115, 150, 200 MBTU’s
  • Modulating differential 40%, largest in the industry
  • Fully automatic or manual control of burner modulation
  • Self-regulating, no fixed points – adapts to the demand regardless of conditions
  • Simple, effective controls
  • Easy troubleshooting – service while burner operating
  • Reliable – pressure measured mechanically
  • Outdoor approved
  • Separated controls compartment
  • Self-diagnostic potted ignition module
  • Parabolic aluminum reflectors
  • Nickel-chromed Jet Stream burner cup


  • Modulating thermostat
  • Building Management System capability
  • Potentiometer
  • Remote indoor sensor
  • Multiple units on one control system


  • Burner housing assembly
  • Heat treated aluminized tubing with gasket
  • Combustion air inlet collar
  • Turbulators when required
  • All tubing, reflectors, coupling, end caps and hanging accessories per specified length


  • U or L bends for specific layouts
  • Energy efficient side reflectors and lower shields
  • Vent terminal, fresh air inlet hood
  • Stainless steel or Silkote tubing
  • Various control options