SRP heatPRO™ - Modulating Construction Heater

Built to perform safely and dependably in the harsh conditions encountered on job sites, the SRP  construction heater will help speed up drying and curing times while providing personnel with a more comfortable working environment. The unique modulating features mean that the burner rate self adjusts for maximum fuel savings


• Internal reflectors to control heat pattern
• Modulating burner control
• Built-in thermostat
• Built-in ‘Piezo Ignition’
• Easy to use ‘Quick-Connect’ fuel hose connections
• Heavy-duty design
• Tip-over safety switch
• Easily carried, easily stacked
• Natural Gas or LPG
• Electric supply not required
• 4 Hanging points that also lock into the bottom of another heater

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Product is available in Canada through our exclusive distribution representative Stephenson's Rental Services