Series 750 - Single Stage Low Temperature Tube Heater

Introducing the new Series 750 low temperature tube heater, designed and approved* for use in maintenance facilities where specialty fueled vehicles are repaired. The patent-pending tube system maintains tube temperatures less than 750°F while providing even heat distribution.


  • Ideal for CNG or LNG-fueled vehicle repair facilities
  • Tube temperature below 750°F
  • End-to-end output variance is less than 15%
  • Largest burner rates in industry up to 100,000 BTU/HR
  • Single stage
  • Separated controls compartment
  • External Sealed Blower
  • Self-diagnostic ignition module
  • Parabolic aluminum reflectors
  • Heavy duty couplings

*approved and certified by CSA to meet maximum tube temperature of 750˚ F (399˚C) in accordance with NFPA 30A 7.6.6