• A gymnasium represents a large volume of air to be heated, making the use of conventional warm air systems impractical.
  • High mounting height allows for the efficient and effective use of higher BTU rated radiant heaters.
  • Multi-use facilities can be separately controlled.
Equipment Selection & Benefits:
Series burner vacuum system can accommodate as much as 1.2 million btu's on a single vacuum pump with a single building penetration.
Additional fuel economy of at least 5%.
The flexibility of ON/OFF, two stage or modulating controls
**Sports Guard option is available to protect heaters from sporting equipment damage.
Accommodates low ceiling applications with smaller in-series burners than the VS. Has minimal vent penetrations of up to 600,000 btuh/system with balanced air and fuel flow that ensures complete and efficient combustion.
Two stage operation provides improved comfort and fuel savings without manual adjustments.
Ultra rugged enclosed burner design further enhances all of the great features of the TA for hard service applications.