Ice Arenas


  • Keeping spectators comfortable in the grandstands
  • Zone the heaters so that only the occupied portion of seating is heated
  • Side shields can be used to avoid infrared from hitting the ice surface
  • Zamboni rooms need to be free of snow year round


  • More cost effective than conventional heaters
  • Parabolic aluminum reflectors – most efficient in the industry
  • Direct heat only where it is needed, reducing energy costs.

Recommended Models for heating an Ice Hockey Rink

Equipment Selection & Benefits:
For larger sitting areas the VS heating system is an excellent option.
Additional fuel economy of at least 5%.
The flexibility of ON/OFF, two stage or modulating controls
**Sports Guard option is available to protect heaters from sporting equipment damage.
Series burner vacuum system can accommodate as much as 1.2 million btu's on a single vacuum pump with a single building penetration.
For larger sitting areas the VS-VH heating system is an excellent option.
Accommodates low ceiling applications with smaller in-series burners than the VS. Has minimal vent penetrations of up to 600,000 btuh/system with balanced air and fuel flow that ensures complete and efficient combustion.