Canada a ‘Top 10’ LEED country

OTTAWA — The U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) annual List for Top 10 Countries and Regions has ranked Canada second for LEED® certified projects internationally.

The USGBC’s LEED® Top 10 list recognizes markets outside the U.S. that are using LEED® to create healthier, more sustainable spaces.

Canada earned its second-place international ranking for its current total of 46.81 million gross square metres of LEED® certified space. Canada has the largest number of certified projects outside the U.S. with 3,254, indicates a release issued by the Canada Green Building Council. This reduces 3.24 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, 16.7 million eMWh of energy and 30 billion litres of water, adds the release.

China was ranked first on USGBC’s Top 10 Countries and Regions for LEED® certified projects list based on 68.83 million gross square metres of space. Canada has more than twice as many LEED® certified projects as China’s 1,494. India ranked third on the Top 10 list with 897 certified projects totalling 24.74 million gross metres of space.

In 2018, 313 LEED® projects achieved certification in Canada, bringing the grand total of certified projects in the country to 4,025, including homes and neighbourhood developments that were not included in the USGBC data.

Canadian LEED® certifications and registrations (combined), to date, are: Ontario, 3,015; Quebec, 1,643; British Columbia, 1,571; Alberta, 1,194; Atlantic Canada, 378; Manitoba, 282; Saskatchewan, 129; and Territories, 24. Source...

SRP heaters contribute towards a LEED® certification in the areas of Energy and Atmosphere, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation and Design. 

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