The SRP EVENGROW® Model ASLTX smart heater offers the best premium features available in the poultry industry for optimum production and greater return on investment.


  • Patented SRP EVENGROW® heat distribution
  • Improved growth rates
  • No hot spots for maximum bird comfort
  • Reduced crowding
  • Less bird dehydration
  • Best reliability in harsh brooder environments
  • Anti-corrosion construction
  • Sealed maintenance-free blower motor
  • Low clearances above – minimal convective heat loss – safe for plastic drop ceiling
  • Nickel-plated “Jet Stream” burner cup
  • High efficiency
  • Maximum energy is delivered to the floor
  • Optional energy-efficient side reflectors
  • Optional “Flapper” to prevent cold air infiltration
  • Friendly installation – terminal block for control wires
  • Compatible with smart controllers
The “Flapper”
Optional Hinged Vent Terminal

The “Flapper” Optional Hinged Vent Terminal

Model ALTX