Superior Radiant Products Stoney Creek expansion an example of “re-shoring”

Resource from "Bay Observer" Sep 2014

In recent years observers have seen a trend in North America towards repatriating manufacturing that had been sent offshore to places like China, India and Malaysia. One such example is Superior Radiant Products (SRP) who recently announced a 43,000 sq ft. expansion at our head office facility in Stoney Creek, after 19 years of successful international business building in Europe, USA and Asia. SRP’s expansion which will more than double its previous size, is due to the growth in export markets and re-shoring manufacturing of the patio heater for the North American sector.

Company President, Kevin Merritt, stated, “We have considered our loyal, local employees and are pleased to continue our relationship in our Hamilton based business community, mere minutes away from our start-up facility.” In less than six months, SRP’s workforce has increased 14%.

In addition to SRP’s accredited ISO status the company has recently adopted a ‘Lean Manufacturing’s philosophy to enhance its overall market position. Superior manufactures a wide range of heating products for industrial and commercial settings, sports facilities and outdoor patios.

Superior Radiant Products Ltd. has been designing and manufacturing infrared heating equipment for the North American and international space heating markets since 1995, at its facility in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada. SRP has additional facilities in Qingdao China to support sales in Asia and has recently added Superior Radiant Products Inc., Kennesaw Georgia to fully support the US market. Our mission is to expand, through the application of sound engineering, quality manufacturing and customer-attentive marketing, the use of infrared heating technology and products, because the concept is environmentally sound and fuel-efficient.

Susan Samson
Superior Radiant Products Ltd.