Rebates & Incentives


As the move towards green and efficient technologies continues,  governments and municipalities are incorporating rebates to incentivize the use of environmentally friendly alternatives. Superior Radiant Products infrared heating systems are eligible for rebate programs that provide financial support to those who choose to use infrared heaters as a heating alternative. 

The Canadian government has many rebate options available depending on your location.  Find rebates that you or your business might be entitled to depend on your province: 



FortisBC - Radiant Tube Heaters Commercial Rebates

FortisBC Rebates

To be eligible for rebates, heaters must use natural gas, be located in a conditioned space and be installed in either existing or new construction buildings.

Single-stage or high-intensity infrared heater, $800 per unit, the requirement is to install a natural gas infrared tube heater

Two-stage infrared heater, $1,100 per unit, the requirement is to install a natural gas infrared tube heater.

Note: the maximum rebate available is 75% of the product costs before tax. This program terms and conditions and amounts of financial assistance may be changed without notice.

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SaskEnergy - Radiant Tube Heaters Commercial Rebates


The Commercial Space Heating Rebate is designed to encourage the use of high efficiency equipment. The program offers rebates for infrared tube heaters in commercial applications. Available exclusively through participating SaskEnergy Commercial & Residential Network Members located across Saskatchewan, the program provides rebates based on the incremental price of energy-efficient equipment.

Contact a participating SaskEnergy Network Member to determine if you are eligible for the Commercial Space Rebate.

This program is funded by SaskEnergy and is available from December 1, 2019, until November 30, 2021.

Note: This program does not apply to buildings that are directly or indirectly, owned or operated by or receive their primary funding from the, Province of Saskatchewan or the Government of Canada (e.g. hospitals, schools, government departments and ministries, Crown Corporations, RCMP, RCAF, Service Canada, etc.).

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Gazifère - Get a new natural gas appliance for your business and get a cash incentive.


Infrared heaters make it possible, in a nutshell, to direct heat to specific locations without heating ambient air. The technology is used mainly in high-ceilinged buildings, like warehouses, garages, arenas and churches.

Financial support from Gazifère ranges from $100 for heaters with a capacity of 100,000 BTUs to $250 for units over 100,000 BTUs.

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Energir Group - Get a grant by choosing a high-efficiency infrared heating system

Energi Group

Highly efficient, infrared heating systems can help you reduce your ecological footprint and energy bill. Take advantage of a grant of up to $500 per infrared unit offered by Énergir to encourage the installation of high-efficiency appliances. The total value of the grant is based on the selected unit’s capacity and is subject to certain conditions.

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