Porous Burner RADIMAX

In cooperation with the University in Erlangen, GoGaS developed a complete new concept for gas infra-red burners. Called the RADIMAX, it differs from conventional burners in that combustion does not take place at the burner surface, but rather inside an inert three dimensional porous medium. This new innovative combustion technology emits extremely high infra-red radiation which opens new fields of application in industrial drying and heating.

Technical Data:

  • Wave length of porous burner: 1.7 µm
  • Max. burner temperature: 1450 °C (2642 °F)
  • Max. thermal load: 1000 kW/m² (317,000 BT/ft²)

Standard dimension of the porous burner:

  • 150 x 200 mm (5.9 x 7.9")

Application of the porous burner:

  • paper drying
  • paint drying
  • curing of powder coating
  • coil coating
Porous Burner RADIMAX