Rebates & Incentives


As the move towards green and efficient technologies continues, governments and municipalities are incorporating rebates to incentivize the use of environmentally friendly alternatives. Superior Radiant Products infrared heating systems are eligible for rebate programs that provide financial support to those who choose to use infrared heaters as a heating alternative. 

The US government has many rebate options available depending on your location. Find rebates that you or your business might be entitled to depending on your State: 





NJ Clean Energy Program

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Minnesota Energy

Low intensity infrared heater $250 per unit

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Energy Smart, Nicor Gas Program

Low-intensity heater $700 - Qualifying products

Additional qualifications

  • Only low-intensity heaters are eligible. 
  • Heaters must have an electric ignition and must use non-conditioned air for combustion. 
  • Heaters must be designated for indoor uses only
  • For complete terms and conditions, please refer to the rebate application.

Gas Networks

A $750 rebate is available for the purchase of:

  • Natural gas-fired, low-intensity infrared heating equipment
  • Up to five rebates allowed per installation for multiple units

How to apply for an incentive? Please click here to read more