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SRP Product, layout, and pricing information

In Canada: 1-800-527- HEAT (4328) Ext. 24
In the USA: 1-800-527- HEAT (4328) Ext. 10

Patio and construction heater product, layout and pricing information

IR Energy Inc. 905-664-9082

SRP Tech Support

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM EST
After hours please contact us via email

How-to Videos

Manifold Pressure - Checking and Setting.


Product Installation Manual

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Many of the answers to your questions can be found in the Installation & Operating Manuals for your product.

Modulus AM
Premier VS
Premier VS-VH
Negative Pressure TVX

Single Stage - Series U
Single Stage- Series L

Two-Stage - Series T
Two-Stage - Series LT
Two-Stage Indoors - Series ETSV
Two-Stage Commercial - Series WTS

CNG 750 - Series L
CNG 750 - Series LT

High Intensity - Series S
High Intensity - Series M
High Intensity - Series KMI

Outdoors - Series ETS - GEN II
Outdoors - Series evenGLO All manuals
Outdoors - the Habanero

Residential - Series GRT
Residential - Series UAG

Construction Heater - SRP heatPro™

Agricultural Tube Heaters
Series AUX
Series ATX
Series ALTX

Series ASUX
Series ASTX
Series ASLTX

Agricultural Brooder
Series BR40
Series BRS50
Series BRL
Series BRLS

Agricultural Warm Air Unit
Forced Air Heater

Gas-fired tubular and low‐intensity infrared heaters venting has been categorized
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