Series EUA

EUA Two Stage Push Infrared Tube Heater

About this Product

Highly efficient radiant heating system with 100% reflector design and 10-60kW “push” two-stage burner for maximum downward heat and fast recovery. Offers up to 90% thermal efficiency with heat-treated aluminized emitter tubes. Rugged brackets allow 45-degree angled installation.
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Key Features

  • 100% efficient reflector profile that is designed to maximize downward radiant heating effect and optimize efficiency.
  • Linear, U-Tube & double linear configurations available.
  • Seasonal Efficiency over 80%
  • Two stage burner offers from 10 to 60 kW for quicker heat recovery, enhanced fuel savings, and greater comfort. Thermal efficiencies up to 81% (HHV gross) or 90% (LHV net).
  • Made with a heat-treated aluminized emitter tube surface provides maximum radiant output.
  • Heavy-duty brackets & suspension, designed to carry the weight of the entire system and can be supported to installed at a 45-degree angle.

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