Edmonton LRT Belvedere Platform: Enhancing Comfort with Efficient Heating Solutions

Case Studies

The Facility

The Belvedere LRT Station, named after the adjacent Belvedere neighborhood, features a Park and Ride facility with 780 stalls and reserved carpool parking. The platform itself measures 7.858 meters in width and 121.425 meters in length, serving numerous transit users daily.

The Heating Challenge

During the cold winter months, the City of Edmonton’s mechanical maintenance department sought a reliable heating solution to keep transit users warm and comfortable while they waited for their rides. The harsh weather conditions in Edmonton demanded a robust and energy-efficient heating system.


The City of Edmonton reached out to our distributor for a solution. After careful consideration, SRP’s Series UXR heaters were selected and installed. These heaters are known for providing the most energy-efficient comfort, especially in applications subject to extreme weather conditions.

The installation process was smooth and efficient, ensuring minimum disruption to transit operations. Our team worked closely with the mechanical contractor to ensure that the heaters were properly installed and configured for optimal performance.


Just a few days after the installation, the mechanical contractor invited our distributor and the city coordinator for an inspection. The inspection was a success, with all systems performing exceptionally well.

The contractor and the city coordinator were highly satisfied with the UXR heaters’ performance. The heaters provided reliable and efficient comfort to transit users, even in extreme weather conditions. The city appreciated the reduction in energy costs and the conservation of energy that the UXR heaters delivered.

The success of this project strengthened our relationship with both the mechanical contractor and the City of Edmonton. They now rely on our expert layouts, high-quality products, and professional advice for their heating needs.


The installation of SRP’s Series UXR heaters at the Belvedere LRT Station has significantly enhanced the comfort and satisfaction of transit users. By providing efficient and reliable heating, even in the harshest winter conditions, the City of Edmonton has ensured a more pleasant experience for its residents and visitors. This project highlights the importance of investing in quality heating solutions to improve public transportation facilities.

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