Enhancing Comfort at Topgolf with High-Efficiency Heating Solutions

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Enhancing Comfort at Topgolf

The Facility

Topgolf facilities are truly impressive, combining high-tech golf driving ranges with lively bars and restaurants. The driving ranges consist of several individual bays, each equipped with a table, chairs, and a platform for teeing off. While waiting for their turn, customers can enjoy full service from the bar and relax in comfortable sitting areas.

The Heating Challenge

To ensure customers enjoy their experience year-round, Topgolf needed a heating solution to keep their patrons warm and comfortable in the driving ranges, regardless of location—be it Minnesota, Georgia, or Utah. Essentially, they required heaters that could produce different intensities to suit varying climates.


After thorough discussions, SRP’s ETS infrared heaters were selected as the most suitable solution for the range bays. Several ETS heaters were installed and are controlled via localized switches for individual zones. This setup allows visitors to control the heating in specific areas only when and where it is needed, thereby reducing unnecessary energy consumption.

SRP’s infrared heaters are versatile, featuring a superior long-lasting marine-grade reflector that enhances heat distribution. The ETS heater’s durability in all weather conditions makes it an ideal heating solution for golf driving ranges, restaurants, and other leisure facilities looking to maximize the potential of their outdoor areas year-round.


When SRP’s representative visited a Topgolf facility to follow up on the heater performance, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The heaters were perfect for warming the entire range bay area, ensuring that players remained comfortable year-round, whether practicing or enjoying their time at the range.

For more information about our high-efficiency heaters and solutions, please visit our ETS product page.

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