Enhancing Outdoor Comfort at The Canadian Brewhouse

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Enhancing Outdoor Comfort at The Canadian Brewhouse

The Facility

The Canadian Brewhouse is a unique Canadian-themed restaurant and sports bar that offers an extensive menu of appetizers, entrees, drinks, and amazing specials every night of the week. Since opening in Edmonton, AB, in 2002, it has grown into a recognized brand with more than 34 branches across Canada.

The Heating Challenge

The Canadian Brewhouse aimed to keep their customers warm and comfortable in the spacious open-air seating area during the colder months. Ensuring a pleasant dining experience in these outdoor spaces was crucial to maintaining customer satisfaction and business continuity.


SRP® stepped in to provide an effective heating solution with their slim yet powerful ETS50 model. The sleek lines of these heaters not only deliver superior functionality but also enhance the overall aesthetic of the patio area. The ETS50 heaters have become a key component in the growing popularity of outdoor dining during the Canadian shoulder seasons.

To further align with The Canadian Brewhouse brand, SRP® customized the heaters by branding the restaurant’s logo into the stainless steel ETS50 models, as well as the black ETS50 models at some locations.


Thanks to the installation of SRP’s ETS50 heaters, The Canadian Brewhouse has been able to keep its outdoor seating areas open and comfortable, regardless of the weather. This has allowed the restaurant to cater to the increasing demand for outdoor dining, ensuring it remains a permanent and popular part of their service offering.


The successful implementation of SRP’s heating solutions at The Canadian Brewhouse underscores the importance of tailored, high-quality heating systems in enhancing outdoor dining experiences. By ensuring customer comfort and extending the usability of outdoor spaces, The Canadian Brewhouse is well-prepared for the future of dining.

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