Joia on Main: The Finest Italian Dining Experience with Year-Round Patio Comfort

Case Studies
Joia on Main

The Facility

Joia Ristorante & Wine Bar opened its doors in Aurora in 1997 and has since established itself as a premier fine dining Italian restaurant and wine bar. Recently, Joia expanded to bring authentic Italian food to the heart of Newmarket with Joia on Main. Owners Marco and Eugenio are committed to offering only the finest house-made Italian ingredients. They frequently travel to Italy to enhance their menu with authentic Italian cuisine, ensuring a true Italian dining experience for their guests.

The Heating Challenge

With the unpredictable nature of Canada’s patio season, ensuring customer comfort and warmth during outdoor dining is crucial for restaurants. Recognizing this need, the team at Joia approached SRP® to explore their range of sleek, overhead commercial-grade heaters. This strategic partnership aimed to enhance the dining experience for Joia’s customers, regardless of the weather conditions.


Teaming up with Joia’s patio structure manufacturer, ShadeFX, was a strategic decision. SRP® designed the Black model of their signature ventless heaters, the evenTUBE, to provide a uniform and aesthetic design to the patio. This collaboration was not the first between SRP® and ShadeFX, making the implementation smooth and efficient.


The installation of the ETS heaters, paired with the custom structure, allows Joia on Main to offer outdoor dining regardless of the weather. The owner has noted that they have been able to extend the patio season by two months, significantly enhancing their customers’ dining experience and increasing their business’s operational period.

For more information about our high-efficiency outdoor heater, ETS Series, please visit the product page.

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