SRP BIG SHOT® Single-Two Stage Agricultural Heater

About this Product

The SRP BIG SHOT® smart and low-profile heater offers extensive radiant coverage to the litter in poultry houses. Its 16˚ angle on SRP's 100% efficient reflectors optimizes the direction of radiant heat towards the feed and water lines, thereby promoting bird performance, particularly during the critical initial days of placement.

Key Features

  • 16˚ tilted reflectors for improved heat distribution in wider houses
  • Compact design – 10 inches tall
  • Lowest convective heat loss with SRP’s 100% efficient reflector
  • Waterproof housing for best reliability
  • Single or two-stage capability
  • Top clearance above for installation close to the ceiling with vent terminal only 7 inches are required from the ceiling to the bottom of the heater.

Perfect For These Spaces

Animal Confinement, Barns & Farms

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