FedEx Distribution Centre

Case Studies


FedEx, a renowned logistics company, faced the need to address heating challenges in their 125,000-square-foot facility located in Cadillac, MI.

Identifying the Heating Challenge:

The objective was to provide localized heat in the workstation area while maintaining minimum temperatures throughout the entire distribution facility. To overcome this challenge, Tim Seel, Superior Radiant Products US Sales Manager, was contacted to design an effective heating method. His expertise led to the development of an energy-efficient commercial heating solution tailored to the facility’s needs.


The chosen approach involved the installation of 22 SRP® VS-VH burners (divided into 4 systems) with modulation control ranging from 60% to 100%. These burners were integrated with SRP ACCU-RATE© PRO control panels. Additionally, 3 AM radiant heaters (150 MBH) were incorporated into the system, all of which were controlled by the SRP ACCU-RATE© PRO panel. Notably, central control could be accessed through the integral webserver in SRP ACCU-RATE© PRO, eliminating the need for an interface with local IT services.


Results and Benefits:

The implemented radiant heating system successfully met FedEx Distribution Center’s specifications, providing the required heating in the workstation area and maintaining desired temperatures throughout the facility. This achievement resulted in improved comfort for employees and ensured optimal working conditions. Additionally, the energy-efficient nature of the commercial heating system led to significant cost savings and enhanced sustainability.


Expansion and Recognition:

The success of this project prompted further expansion and appreciation. The facility’s management recognized the value of the heating solution and decided to implement it in additional areas. This recognition also extended to industry acclaim, with the project receiving positive attention for its innovative approach and positive outcomes.


For More Information:

To learn more about these projects and the benefits achieved, please reach out to Tim Seel or contact him by phone at 1-800-527-4328 ext. 40.


By effectively addressing the heating challenge in this FedEx Distribution Centre, the implemented solution demonstrated the value of tailored heating methods in optimizing comfort, saving energy, and promoting sustainability. The successful results and subsequent recognition serve as a testament to the expertise and dedication of the SRP® team involved in this project.

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