History and Milestones

  • 2022

    Acquired a Dragon A250 to precisely cut round tubes to the exact size. This ensures that the heaters fit perfectly and work efficiently.



    Hirebotics - New automated welding solution to improve productivity and efficiency in our welding operations.



    SRP opened a branch in the Netherlands, marking a significant milestone for our company's growth and expansion in the European market.


    SMART ASLTX Our innovative two-stage smart infrared agricultural heater, which utilizes ROTEM© OPTI-ZONE Smart Technology, was introduced. This technology features decentralized zoning control, remote Setpoint change steady monitoring, diagnostics, and alerts.

    Smart Tube Heater AG


    SMART ASUX and ASTX, Single and two-stage heaters, have been developed and can be equipped with ROTEM® OPTI-ZONE Smart Technology. This advanced technology features decentralized zoning control, remote setpoint adjustment, steady monitoring, diagnostics, and alerts.

    Smart Tube Heater AG

  • 2021

    SRP Slim Brooder Our new low-profile solution stands only 14 inches tall. This innovative product was designed to meet the specific needs of the AG industry, offering a perfect solution for a variety of applications.

    slim boorder


    SRP Smart and Slim Brooder We continued to innovate with our low-profile solution and introduced a new smart infrared brooder that utilizes ROTEM© OPTI-ZONE Smart Technology.

    smart and slim brooder


  • 2020
    • Celebrating Our 25th Year in Business.  For over 25 years Superior Radiant Products has been the industry leader in the
      design and manufacture of energy-efficient infrared heating solutions and is dedicated to providing superior technology and superior performance. Learn more...

    SRP 25 Anniversary

    • Diversified Agriculture Enters Into Exclusive Marketing Agreement with SRP. The agreement grants Diversified exclusive rights to sell SRP heating units to the poultry, hog, and greenhouse industries in the United States  Learn more...


    Diversified AG Exclusive Marketing Agreement with SRP

  • 2019

    SRP presents the SRP eWAVE® Electric Radiant Heater at AHR Expo. Top performance and European design come together in this premium quality heater for a warm environment with optimal thermal efficiency and control. Sizes available range from 1.5 kW to 4.5 kW with long-wave and medium wave models. Learn more...

    eWAVE heaters

    SRP introduces renewable energy SRP Solar Air Collector by Lubi® radiant agricultural heater.  The solar air system harvests the power of the sun to heat the building’s ventilation air, minimizing energy consumption, heating costs, and CO2 emissions. Learn more...

    solar air collector


    • Superior Radiant Products (SRP) is very pleased to announce that we've been selected as part of the "Hamilton Fast 40", a new initiative from Hamilton Economic Development to recognize and celebrate the 40 fastest growing companies in the city.

                       Fast40 Hamilton

  • 2018

    MAZAK Laser. New machinery for improving fabrication efficiency and capacity 



    SRP launched the SRP ACCU-RATE® PRO. Monitors temperature building requirements in real time and it is compatible with web-enabled devices.


    We successfully completed and passed the auditing requirements for ISO 9001: 2015.


    SRP partnered with Powrmatic to distribute in the UK and Europe.



  • 2017

    The SRP STEALTH™ infrared heater was introduced. The patent-pending design delivers the highest thermal efficiency and radiant output of any infrared tube heater available in the industry.

    SRP STEALTH™ Heater


    SRP introduced the SRP BIG SHOT™ radiant agricultural heater.  The ‘Superior Angle’ of the tilted U-tube reflector system maximizes radiant coverage for optimal heat distribution in wider poultry houses.


    ---> Superior Radiant Products Inc. US operations to Indiana.

    • IR Energy introduced the ETS Slimline High Output Patio Heater with a modern, sleek design and the lowest profile in the industry.

                       ETS Slim Heater

  • 2016
    • SRP launched the Series 750 Low-Temperature Infrared Tube Heater for heating CNG/LNG fueled vehicle maintenance facilities. The patent-pending design maintains tube temperatures of less than 750°F.



    • SRP developed HeatCalc 2.0, a web-based program to calculate the heat loss of a building.  www.srpheat.com
  • 2015

    Superior Radiant Products celebrated 20 years of providing high and low-intensity energy efficient infrared heating solutions worldwide.

    SRP 20th Anniversary


    Series UAG Heater Residential Garage Heater is added to the product line providing design flexibility and optimum comfort.


    UAG heater

  • 2014

    Superior Radiant Products relocated the Stoney Creek factory and corporate offices to a much larger facility.

    SRP Stoney Creek Factory


    SRP adopted a LEAN philosophy and new ERP system.


  • 2013

    Superior Radiant Products branded their EvenGrow® AG Series.

    SRP EvenGrow


    SRP launched the new Modulating heater that virtually thinks on its own. You will see better efficiency and more comfortable and consistent temperatures in your space.

    SRP Modulus


    manufacturing of premier patio heater to better serve IR Energy's primary market in North America.

    Canadian Flag   IR Energy

  • 2012

    SRP launched the new corporate brand logo for its three operating companies: Superior Radiant Products Ltd. in Stoney ; Qingdao Ltd. and Superior Radiant Products Inc. Atlanta Georgia.

    SRP Logo


    Superior Radiant Products received formal registration approval and is now officially recognized as an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

    ISO 9001


    Superior Radiant . which is located in Kennesaw Georgia was opened and began shipping as of October 1, 2012.

  • 2011

    SRP is recognized for Outstanding Business Achievements in the Large Business Category by Stoney Creek Chamber of Commerce.


    IR Energy partnered with Fairmont Raffles Hotels International Inc to supply patio heaters.


    SRP distributes GoGaS high-efficiency high-intensity heaters as well as drying technologies to the North American market.

  • 2010

    SRP’s Series UA heater is proven to be most efficient low-intensity tube heater available in North America with 64.7%* radiant factor.


    A strategic alliance with GoGas Goch GmbH was announced to collaborate in research and development for global harmonization of product lines.


  • 2009

    SRP’s Series GR garage heater won Dealer Design Gold Awards in the HVAC Residential category.


    Incorporated Qingdao Thermpro Ltd. and established a sales office and warehouse in China for infrared space heating and process drying technologies.

  • 2007

    IR Energy’s EvenGLO patio heater received the finalist award in the Outdoor Room Equipment category of Hearth & Home’s Annual Vesta Awards Program.


    SRP began exporting agricultural heaters for poultry houses in Israel.

  • 2006

    IR Energy supplied over 1700 units for aircraft deicing project at John F Kennedy Airport.
    Aircraft Deicing

  • 2005

    An authorized distributor was established to export commercial and industrial heaters to Russia.

  • 2003

    Premier VS Control System receives AHR Expo Innovation Award.


    SRP supplied heaters to a building which would become Canada’s first industrial building to receive a LEED® Gold award. The building was designed and operated by Carego Holdings Inc of Hamilton, Ontario and is one of the most sophisticated warehouses in North America.

    Leed Gold   Carego

  • 2002

    SRP’s Series L heater is awarded “Most Innovative HVAC Product” at Ciphex Show.



    SRP was awarded a large USA military project with 430 burners and over five miles of tube and reflector at U.S. Army Garrison Fort Gillem in Georgia.

  • 2000

    SRP established a foreign representative office in Qingdao, China, and began shipping products for large projects, including Great Wall Motor Company and ThyssenKrupp AG China.

  • 1999

    A new company, IR Energy Inc. was incorporated to service specialty infrared markets including aircraft deicing, outdoor patio heaters under brands of EvenGLO and EvenTUBE, and temporary construction heat known as the HeatPRO.

    Previous IR Energy Brand

  • 1995

    Superior Radiant Products was founded and began manufacturing infrared heating equipment at its facility in Stoney Creek Ontario. SRP quickly captured significant Canadian market share and expanded the target to the United States space heating market.

    SRP History   SRP History   Previous SRP Brand