Radiant Heating Equipment for All Your Needs

Find a Perfect Product for Your Space.

Experience efficient and cozy warmth with infrared heating, a modern and cost-effective solution that creates a comfortable environment in your space with Superior Radiant Products.

Aircraft Hangars

Infrared heating optimizes temperature in aircraft storage, maintenance & entryways, ensuring swift heat recovery.

Animal Confinement

Ensures warm, dry floors and a draft-free environment for livestock health.

Barns & Farms

Enhance livestock comfort in stalls, milking & feeding zones with targeted infrared heating.

Big Box Retail

Cost-effective, zoned heating, ensuring customer comfort, consistent temperatures, and energy savings in large open spaces.

Car Washes

Rapid drying in wash lanes & vacuum areas reduces water spots, enhancing vehicle shine.

Casino Patios

Enhance patio & outdoor entertainment spaces, ensuring a warm inviting atmosphere on chilly nights.

CNG/LNG Vehicle Repair

Our specialty heating system maintains tube temperatures less than 750°F while providing even heat distribution.

Concession Areas

Sports Facilities
Infrared enhances warmth in practice zones & floors, promoting deeper stretches & relaxation.

Construction Sites

Accelerate curing & drying with infrared heating for timely project completion & worker comfort.