Radiant Heating Equipment for All Your Needs

Find a Perfect Product for Your Space.

Experience efficient and cozy warmth with infrared heating, a modern and cost-effective solution that creates a comfortable environment in your space with Superior Radiant Products.

Restaurant Patios

Enjoy year-round dining comfort with infrared heating in seating & bar areas.

Golf Driving Ranges

Sports Facilities
Climate-controlled tee areas extend golf seasons, ensuring player warmth.


Boost productivity in assembly lines & packing zones with infrared heating.

Animal Confinement

Ensures warm, dry floors and a draft-free environment for livestock health.

Aircraft Hangars

Infrared heating optimizes temperature in aircraft storage, maintenance & entryways, ensuring swift heat recovery.

Train Stations

Direct warmth to platforms, waiting & ticket zones enhances commuter comfort.

Ice Arenas

Sports Facilities
Boost comfort in spectator seating & concession zones without affecting ice with infrared heating.

Vehicle Service Centres

Efficient heating in repair bays & waiting areas ensures productivity & satisfaction.

Drying Process

Energy-efficient direct heating for paint drying, reducing energy consumption and enhancing product quality