Engineered for Ice Rink Comfort: Showcasing the Impact of Our High-Performance Heating Systems at Gateway

Case Studies

The Facility

The Gateway Ice Centre in Stoney Creek, Ontario, is a state-of-the-art facility designed to accommodate up to 3,000 spectators. It boasts three ice rinks, a nutrition and fitness centre, an ultra-modern sports store, and a sports grill, making it a hub for both athletes and fans.

The Heating Challenge

The primary challenge at Gateway Ice Centre was to keep spectators warm and comfortable during events and hockey games. Additionally, there was a need to effectively melt snow and ice in the Zamboni area to ensure smooth operations.


Gateway Ice Centre reached out to SRP® for a comprehensive heating solution. They needed a system that could maintain comfortable temperatures in the seating and standing areas, as well as a warm connecting area and corridor for de-icing the Zambonis.

Gary Dummer, SRP’s Canadian Sales Manager, collaborated with a local representative to design and implement an energy-efficient heating solution tailored to these needs. The solution included:

  • Installing two-stage heaters in the seating, standing, and connecting areas to keep spectators warm and comfortable.
  • Installing a single-stage heater in the corridor area to efficiently melt ice and evaporate water.


Following the installation, an SRP® representative visited the Gateway Ice Centre to evaluate the performance of the heaters. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The heaters not only met but exceeded the heating challenges of the facility. Spectators enjoyed a warm and comfortable environment during events, and the Zamboni area experienced efficient ice melting and water evaporation.


The successful implementation of SRP’s heating solutions at the Gateway Ice Centre highlights the importance of customized, energy-efficient heating systems in large facilities. By ensuring the comfort of spectators and the smooth operation of ice maintenance equipment, SRP® has significantly enhanced the overall experience at the Gateway Ice Centre.

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