LX Low Clearance Single Stage Heater

About this Product

The Model LX features an ultra-rugged enclosed burner design that further enhances all the exceptional features of the LA model, making it ideal for demanding service applications. It includes a post-purge function and offers an optional 10-year tube warranty for added peace of mind and long-term reliability.
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Key Features

  • LX model features a totally enclosed construction with post-purge
  • End to end radiant output variance less than 15%
  • Ideal for animal confinement applications, low ceilings, hallways, service counters
  • Rates 40,000 to 100,000 BTU/Hr
  • Natural Gas or LPG
  • 100% Efficient parabolic aluminum reflector
  • Configurations: U, L, horizontal to 45

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Hot Yoga Studios

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