Comfort, Efficiency, and Reliability: Why Our Heating Equipment Excels in Retail Environments Like Lowe’s

Case Studies

The Facility

Lowe’s Improvement Centre on Barton Street offers thousands of products covering every area of home improvement. As a bustling retail environment, ensuring customer and employee comfort is paramount, especially during the colder months.

The Heating Challenge

One of the major challenges at Lowe’s was managing the cold temperatures in entrances, exits, vestibules, and cart storage areas. These areas tend to be very cold, making it difficult to keep customers and cashiers warm and comfortable. Additionally, there was a need for a smart solution to melt snow off the shopping carts and evaporate the resulting water efficiently.


SRP’s Canadian Sales Manager, Gary Dummer, collaborated with Ellard Wilson Engineering to design and implement an energy-efficient heating solution. The goal was to maintain a comfortable temperature for customers and cashiers in the critical areas of the store while also addressing the snow and ice on shopping carts.

The solution included the installation of eight SRP® Series UA heaters strategically placed in the following areas:

  • Entrances
  • Exits
  • Vestibules
  • Cart storage areas

These heaters not only provided warmth but also helped in melting the snow off the shopping carts and evaporating the water, thereby conserving energy and reducing overall energy costs.


Following the installation, an SRP® representative visited Lowe’s Home Improvement store to assess the performance of the heaters. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The heaters performed efficiently, keeping the entrances, exits, vestibules, and cart storage areas warm and comfortable. The smart heating solution exceeded expectations, leading to enhanced customer and employee satisfaction.

The success at the Barton Street facility prompted other Lowe’s stores across Canada to install SRP® heaters in the same manner, replicating the effective heating solution.


The implementation of SRP’s heating solutions at Lowe’s Home Improvement store on Barton Street demonstrates the importance of tailored, energy-efficient heating systems in retail environments. By ensuring warmth and comfort in high-traffic areas and effectively managing snow and ice on shopping carts, SRP® has significantly improved the shopping experience for customers and working conditions for employees.

For more information on how SRP’s heating solutions can benefit your retail facility, contact us today!

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