Air Canada Hangar

Case Studies


Air Canada, a leading airline, faced the challenge of enhancing employee comfort, reducing energy costs, and conserving energy in their hangar facilities located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). To address these concerns, Air Canada enlisted the expertise of Hatch Engineering, a specialized energy engineering consultant firm. The objective was to conduct an operational review of the facilities and recommend more efficient heating systems that would improve comfort while saving energy.

Identifying the Heating Challenge:

Hatch Engineering’s comprehensive review revealed that the existing forced air heating systems in the older aircraft facilities caused significant stratification in the high-ceiling hangars, leading to substantial energy loss. To overcome this challenge, Hatch Engineering contacted Gary Dummer from Superior Radiant Products requesting an effective heating solution that would minimize stratification, reduce energy costs, and promote energy conservation.


After careful consideration, SRP®‘s VS Systems were selected as they offered the most energy-efficient comfort for large industrial facilities like aircraft hangars. These systems were well-suited to handle the specific energy requirements (BTU/hr./Sq. Ft.) resulting from factors such as extensive infiltration loads, vehicle access needs, inadequate insulation, and lofty ceilings.


Results and Benefits:

The installation of SRP®‘s VS Systems, complemented by the ACCU-RATE® control system featuring supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) package with BACnet connectivity, yielded significant annual energy cost savings for Air Canada. Furthermore, the improvements resulted in enhanced comfort, improved indoor air quality, and extended equipment lifespan with reduced maintenance requirements.


Expansion and Recognition:

Impressed with the positive outcomes, Air Canada awarded SRP® the contract to equip their new $90 million aircraft hangar at the Toronto Pearson Global Hub with SRP®‘s VS Systems in 2017. Seventeen VS Systems were successfully installed in the 127,000 square-foot hangar, highlighting the effectiveness and trust in SRP®‘s solutions.


For More Information:

To learn more about these projects and the benefits achieved, please reach out to Gary Dummer or contact him by phone at 1-800-527-4328 ext. 24.


Through the collaboration between Air Canada, Hatch Engineering, and SRP®, the heating challenges in the hangar facilities were effectively addressed. The implementation of energy-efficient heating systems resulted in significant cost savings, enhanced comfort, and prolonged equipment lifespan. This success has led Air Canada to forge a continued partnership with SRP® for various other hangar projects throughout Canada, highlighting the immense value of innovative heating solutions in large-scale industrial environments.

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