Enhancing Comfort at Redstone Winery with High-Efficiency Heating Solutions

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Enhancing Comfort at Redstone Winery

The Facility

Redstone Winery® is the latest venture by Moray Tawse and his exceptional winemaking team. Named for its distinctive red clay soil and large stones, the 38-acre Lincoln Lakeshore property was purchased in 2009. It features an award-winning hospitality center and a restaurant inspired by local produce and flavors.

The Heating Challenge

In 2019, Redstone Winery® sought a solution to keep their customers comfortable and cozy during spring, fall, and chilly summer evenings, thereby extending the usability of their facilities. They needed heavy-duty, consumer-friendly patio heaters that would provide a reliable and efficient solution.


Redstone Winery® approached SRP’s business development manager for assistance with their layout. The SRP’s team designed and recommended a heating solution that would ensure customer comfort during cold weather while also reducing energy costs and conserving energy. Several evenGLO® heaters were installed, effectively extending the summer season by 2-3 months.


The installation of evenGLO® heaters provided reliable heating with minimal maintenance required and an extended product lifespan. Additionally, these heaters allowed Redstone Winery® to accommodate more paying customers during the lockdowns, further enhancing their business operations.

For more information, please visit our evenGLO® product collection page.

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