Conference Centres

Application Considerations

  • Conference Centers can occupy a small, medium, or large amount of space with various ceiling heights that demand a unique heating layout
  • Heating a large space is ideal for infrared heaters due to the fact that the infrared heats the objects (people, walls, chairs, etc) rather than the air. If the user were to attempt to heat the air of a large conference center it would not only take a very long time, but it would also be very costly
  • Superior Radiant Products have many cost-effective equipment solutions for all sizes of Conference Centers and user needs
Equipment Selection & Benefits:
Series burner vacuum system can accommodate as much as 1.2 million btu's on a single vacuum
pump with a single building penetration.
Burner rates up to 250,000 btu available.
Additional fuel economy of at least 5%.
The flexibility of ON/OFF, two stage or modulating controls