Fire Stations

Application Considerations

  • Fire trucks are quite tall so clearances to combustibles must be maintained and heater placement considered.
  • Fire station truck bays can be very wet due to routine truck washing and returning equipment with snow and ice build up.
  • The heating system must be able to recover quickly when overhead doors are opened.
Equipment Selection & Benefits:
Series burner vacuum system can accommodate as much as 1.2 million btu's on a single vacuum pump with a single building penetration.
Burner rates up to 250,000 btu available.
Additional fuel economy of at least 5%. The flexibility of ON/OFF, two stage or modulating controls.
Accommodates low ceiling applications with smaller in-series burners than the VS. Has minimal vent penetrations of up to 600,000 btuh/system with balanced air and fuel flow that ensures complete and efficient combustion.
Added benefit of two stage operation which allows even quicker recovery on high fire and economical steady operation on low fire.