Train Service, Thawing & Boarding Stations

Application Considerations

  • Train Service, Thawing, and Boarding Stations are all unique in concern to heating equipment and heating layouts/systems
  • Train Service areas need to have a specific layout that caters to the technicians or whomever may be working on the train(s). Due to the surface temperature of the train being cold, the radiant heat must hit the train as well as the person.
  • Train Thawing Stations require intense heat to insure that the train which is covered in snow and ice can be ready to continue efficiently
  • Train Boarding Stations have the responsibility to keep patrons warm while waiting for the train(s). The correct equipment from Superior Radiant Products will fulfill the responsibility efficiently
Equipment Selection & Benefits:
Added benefit of two stage operation which allows even quicker recovery on high fire and economical steady operation on low fire.