Vehicle Wash Bays, Carwash


Premium car wash heater - single and two-stage models

The best heater ever developed for car/truck wash facilities where  corrosive chemicals are frequently used

  • The long-lasting marine-grade reflector provides the best performance on car/truck wash facilities and harsh environments where corrosive chemicals are frequently used.
  • 409 S/S tubes are extremely resistant to corrosion and last longer in harsh environments, maximizing the infrared radiant energy output.
  • SRP’s proven to last 304 S/S burner box is fully sealed to prevent water, corrosive materials, and harsh chemicals from entering the burner.
  • Built to last premium heater stands apart with its heavy-duty 304 S/S parts. Built to last and to provide high-efficient radiant heat in car/truck wash facilities.

Product Documents
SRP Premium Carwash Heater Brochure

Standard car wash heater

Rugged High-Efficiency Heater - Model UXR

  • Energy-efficient fuel cost savings of 30% or more. Infrared energy heats effectively because it does not heat the air directly.
  • Rugged design for more exposed installations protects against the elements.
  • Approved for unvented applications.
  • Special materials for harsh environments. (ie. stainless steel, Silkote coating)

Rugged High-Efficiency Heater - Model TXR

  • The two-stage operation provides improved comfort and fuel savings without manual adjustments.
  • Ultra-rugged enclosed burner design further enhances all of the great features of the TA for hard service applications.