The SRP EvenGrow Model AUX infrared tube heater offers premium high efficiency features for the agricultural industry with special anti-corrosion construction for harsh environments.


  • Waterproof housing for best reliability
  • Potted ignition modules
  • Nickel plated “Jet Stream” burner cup
  • 100% efficient reflector mounted horizontally for minimal convective heat loss and ensuring maximum energy is delivered to the floor
  • Optional tilted reflector or energy efficient side reflectors for wall mounting
  • Sealed maintenance-free blower motor
  • Low clearances above for installation close to ceilings
  • Use with optional “Flapper” to prevent cold air infiltration when the heater is not running
The “Flapper”
Optional Hinged Vent Terminal

The “Flapper” Optional Hinged Vent Terminal

Model AUX