Metal Fiber Burner - Sintered Surface

GoGaS supplies three different types of gas-fired medium wave infra-red burners, a ceramic burner, and a metal fiber burner with either a sintered surface or a knitted (woven) surface. These medium wave infra-red burners have proven their reliability in millions of successful operating hours. All provide a homogeneous radiation area of almost any length and width. Higher energy efficiency can be achieved by the use of a hot air cushion between the burner and the material to be dried.

The special features of the burner are:

  • shape versatility
  • thermal expansion control
  • low weight
  • compact and solid design 

Technical Data:

  • Wave length of metal fiber burner: 2.2 µm
  • Max. burner temperature: 1050 °C (1922 °F)
  • Max. thermal load: 250 kW/m² (79,200 BT/ft²)

Standard dimension of this metal fiber burner:

  • 150 x 200 mm (5.9 x 7.9")

Application of the metal fiber burner:

  • paper drying
  • textile drying
  • paint drying
  • curing of powder coating
  • coil coating
  • heating processes
Metal Fiber Burner - Sintered Surface